Things to do

Local Gastronomy


Most visitors on the island of Hvar are fascinated by the local cuisine and usually can’t get enough of it. Fresh ingredients, * in many cases locally grown, authentic culinary tradition based on typical Mediterranean diet all combine to make a truly enjoyable culinary experience. Naturally we mustn’t forget to mention the famous Hvar wines.

Hvar Beaches


Gorgeous days and hidden inlets as well as crystal clear blue sea provide a gorgeous setting for some of the nicest beaches in Central Dalmatia. Idyllic natural scenery where it’s not so difficult to find a shade is just one of the things that make Hvar beaches the perfect place to enjoy summer.  



Cycling paths on the island of Hvar are usually well marked and offer a wide variety of routes for beginners as well as advanced cyclists. Take your time to enjoy magnificent views and the scent of Rosemary and lavender as you cycle past local fields. Some quality wine from the local vineyards tends the make cycling slightly easier.



If you enjoy free climbing you will definitely find the island of Hvar to your liking. some spectacular cliffs writing directly from the sea, provide a unique challenge for  free climbers. but even if you’re not into climbing you are free to enjoy the spectacular nature that can be experienced here

Ferrata Via Avalon


For true adrenaline junkies who enjoy active vacation Ferrata Via Avalon above Sveta Nedjelja, offers a unique challenge. For those that don’t have a head for Heights a word of warning, you might get a little bit busy just looking at the pictures.