Things to see

Hvar Cathedral 


The Renaissance cathedral of st. Stephen dominates the main square at the city of Hvar. It was built in the 16th and 17th century at the foundations of an older Christian church from the 6th century. it houses a magnificent collection of religious art including a painting of the Madonna from the 13th century. The cathedral belltower is considered by many. to be one of the finest in Dalmatia.



Featuring one of the most beautiful panoramic views at the island of Hvar, This Renaissance Fort offers a spectacular view of Hvar town, as well as surrounding archipelago. Constructed in the 16th century it is locally known as “the Spanish fort” . Besides the magnificent vista, it also offers a collection of amphora’s and mediaeval artifacts.

Franciscan Monastery


A true oasis of tranquility, the Franciscan monastery is right at the edge of Hvar town sheltered by the trees including cypress tree which is 300 years old. You can sit down and relax in the shade of a lovely garden, or you can take a look at the rich cultural and religious heritage inside. The Monastery has some magnificent artwork and paintings including an impressive painting of the Last Supper.

Benedictine Monastery


Benedictine monastery has a tradition of over 350 years at the Hvar town. Place of famous local Renaissance poets Hanibal Lucic, the convent has rich cultural heritage.It is world famous for its unique lace making tradition that nuns have been doing for centuries. Benedictine lace from Hvar town is protected by UNESCO.

Stari grad Ager


Did you know that the first settlers on the island where were contemporaries of Aristotle. Fertile fields at the northern side of the island provided sustenance for a vibrant Greek colony and one of the oldest settlements in all of creation. Greek field boundary markings can still be found. Ager field of Stari grad is another island attraction on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Sveta Nedjelja Cave


Situated beneath the peak of St Nikola that rises above the settlement of Sveta Nedjelja, lies an intriguing cave complex. the hike above is well worth your time, allowing you to explore the remains of a church and a monastery built here by the Augustinian monks and abandoned in the 18th century.

Sv. Nikola Peak


The highest peak on the island of Hvar – Sv. Nikola rises above the settlement of Sveta Nedjelja. The route uphill passes by the vineyards and some abandoned Fields whose dry stone walls still mark the field boundaries. during the walk you can enjoy the abundance of native Island scent, mix of lavender and rosemary.

Humac and Grapceva Cave


One of the most important archaeological sites in Croatia, Grapceva Cave is not only a gorgeous natural phenomenon, it also contains traces of a neolithic settlement that existed here between the 5th and 3rd millennium BC. The cave itself was not inhabited but served is a place for religious ceremonies.

Hidden Romantic Wedding location on the Southern Shore of Hvar


Sveta Nedjelja pier was built in 1924. for boarding of the loads onto the larger boats.

Nowadays, it is one of the prime spots on Hvar for adrenaline jumping into the sea and a popular wedding location.

Viticulture collection – permanent exhibition

This collection of traditional tools used for cultivation, vineyard and cellar work, winemaking and storage is part of the Jelsa Municipal Museum. Objects on display are characteristic of the 19th and early 20th centuries, and many of them are still used in Hvar cellars today.