Added value

The first eco-friendly villa on Hvar island

While staying at our villa on Hvar, our aim is to help our guests experience the true, authentic Hvar. To get to know the island not only through its rich cultural heritage, but also through its traditional dishes, excellent wines and all the products that have long tradition of production on island. Plenty of sun that Hvar gets almost all year round, gives its vegetables, fruits and medicinal herbs a special aroma and taste.

Very often we hear our guests saying how delighted they were with the scents of lavender, rosemary, sage, pine…they could smell even while still on the ferry, approaching the island. We did our best to bring those scents to our villa not only by planting lavender, rosemary, sage, mint, basil, lemon balm, thyme…in our garden, but also by handmaking olive oil based soaps that you will find in each bathroom, by scenting the air with all natural vaporizer made of lavender hydrosol and lavender essential oil that are distilled only 100m from the villa.

Laundry detergents that we use for washing the towels and bed linen are also homemade, based on our all natural soaps. It is enviromentally friendly alternative to chemical detergents and is a gentle option to your skin especially for those with sensitive skin and allergies to chemicals in regular detergents. Most of the household cleaners we use are also safe, chemical-free homemade cleaners.

Our guests are welcome to taste the whole range of our homemade beverages, from herb, myrtile, carob and fig brandy, prosek, to wine, lemon, carob, myrtile, walnut, sage, mint, cherry or strawberry tree liqueur. No less tasty and delicious are candied orange or lemon peel, sugar coated almonds, dried figs, jams made of lemons, bitter oranges or figs picked from our garden, olive oil, caper buds, rosemary, lavender or sage honey…

The female part of the family regularly uses all natural homemade facial cream made from our olive oil, almond oil, beeswax, shea butter, chamomile or calendula infusion, lavender oil and aloe vera gel extracted out of the plants from our garden. We are happy to provide our guests with samples… if there are any as we run out of them quickly! 🙂

You can also discover the healthy properties of cantarion oil which is widely used here on the island, pure lavender oil, lavender buds and use all the herbs planted in our garden for preparing the delicious tea or adding them to your meals. To help you get to know better all of the island’s typical products we have printed “The Scents of Hvar” brochure that you will find in each of the apartments. In some way it is the story about Hvar’s tradition and the values our ancestors have been nourishing for centuries. It introduces you to only one part of the numerous gifts that nature has bestowed on our beautiful island. Enjoy!